Ovi Store restored on the N8

by Volker Weber


Reinstalling the Ovi Store did not help. Fixing Qt did not help. Resetting the phone to factory did not help. Wiping all content did not help. So I resorted to the final measure: format the device.

You switch it off and continue to hold the power button until the battery is disconnected. It will vibrate twice. That should take about eight seconds. Then you hold three buttons: volume down, camera, menu. While holding the three buttons you power on. All but the bare essentials will be wiped off the device. Ovi Store, Maps, Qt, all gone.

The good news is that it all comes back with the Symbian Anna 1 and 2 installers. You will notice they are much larger in the picture above than they may have been in your update. That's because the N8 had to fetch everyhting.

Anyhow. Clean slate. And it's working. Now I need to convince Ovi Store that some of the apps actually do exist for my device.


Good news, thx

Werner Motzet, 2011-08-25

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