Belkin to introduce another iPad DVB-T receiver

by Volker Weber


While on the road I often use the tizi DVB-T hotspot. It's working well, but it does have one downside: you have to disconnect from regular Wifi to connect to the TV receiver. The tivi go is designed to plug right into the iPad. The loop is the antenna.

I will let you know how well this works when I have seen one. I find the dock connector very delicate, so I hesitate to have a device this size attached while I handle it. The press release also specifically mentions the iPad 2. We will see whether it works with other iOS devices as well.


AFAIK the Tivizen has an option to integrate with your home WLAN. Never tried it myself, but my friuend told me so. This would be a lot better than this, as you could stream the content from the receiver to the iPad on your WLAN.

On the go, the tizi would be great, nevertheless!

Hubert Stettner, 2011-09-02

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