I am ditching Last.fm

by Volker Weber


This is the Android controller for my Sonos, showing all sources that are not my own music. And I will be ditching Last.fm soon. It's always been a great ride. I paid for music with my data through scrobbling. Now they also want money, so I stopped delivering data. Mind you, it's very little money, but I already have so many sources that I don't have to pay for yet another one.


I know many of the services in your list, except Deezer.
Now the deezer page tells me that it's not available in my country.
Not much more, can you give me some infos about?

Is it US based? Is it worth it to get an account?


Patrick Bohr, 2011-09-05

Und welche Quelle wird am meisten genutzt?

Christian Hirth, 2011-09-05

Deezer ist a french service, similar to Last.fm, without the user interaction.

Christian, Napster.

Volker Weber, 2011-09-05

Hallo Herr Weber,
welchen Dienst empfehlen Sie denn für "Smart Radio" á la Echofi f. Spotify oder ähnliches?
Ich bin noch Squeezebox Nutzer, habe aber schon einen Account bei Überallmusik ;-)


Michael Schnatmann

Michael Schnatmann, 2011-09-14

Last.fm ist schon OK. Ich benutze es nur nicht mehr so oft, dass sich eine Subscription lohnen würde.

Volker Weber, 2011-09-14

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