Microsoft Apps are coming to Symbian

by Volker Weber

Today, Nokia and Microsoft announced that they would deliver Symbian software updates called Microsoft Apps. These updates will add some serious business productivity tools for anyone buying a new Symbian Belle device, as well as anybody looking to upgrade from Symbian Anna to Symbian Belle. Read on to find out exactly what’s coming, and when.

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why would they want to do that ? Symbian is not going anywhere ! . Can MS and nokia not see that OS and Android is going to lead for LONG time.

Palmi Lord, 2011-09-09

I dont believe that Apple & Android will be the only market leaders in 5 or 10 years. Currently, there IS a large gap between consumer (Android&Iphone) and business (=blackberry) devices. This can be filled by Nokia and Windows Phone. Windows Phone has Office/Outlook/Sharepoint access "build-in" and MS is planning to make WP7 compatible with Windows 8 which makes it very comfortable to use simple Apps like Timescheduling or Keypass on both worlds.

Converging the mobile and desktop worlds will be one of the mayor challenges in future. And MS is here in a very good position.

Roland Dressler, 2011-09-09

@Roland, how many market leaders can there be? I would think just one.

Andrew Magerman, 2011-09-09

You don't have to be the first on the market to have success, but you should not be too late in the game either. Windows Phone is not a big player, but it will get a bit of market share, with Nokia, only there aren't many out there that believe it.
Not a lot of people care about the W8 compatibility, on the contrary, most thought that needing a PC/Mac for an iPhone/iPad/iPod is a hassle, therefore Apple went PC free and now a Mac or a PC is is just another device.
Office/Outlook/Sharepoint Access? You can have that with everything else, too and if it is built in, it is annoying, when I don't need it. Microsoft just doesn't get it. Their thinking is just a few years back. It's all about the apps I need and are available, not about built in.

Christian Tillmanns, 2011-09-12

Christian, i dont agree with that. Working with apps on ipad or iphone is currently very inconvenient. Last time when i had to "factory reset" my Iphone (there was a bug inside my contacts which stayed after doing a full restore) i lost much of my in-app data (timesheet and many notes) because there is no way to backup (and restore) them separately. And even when you export your data, you lose all your specific settings.
Recently my son killed my notepad-app once again (only 3 klicks for a 6 years old boy), so the procedure was (once more): make an actual backup; restoring from older backup, exporting all the data from the app; restoring from actual backup. This is stone age, not 2011!

Phone (and Tablet/Pad) apps getting more and more complex so it will be neccesary to reunite them with desktop applications in the near future. Maybe it doesnt matter when you only use social networkings- or cloud based apps.

Andrew, yes, it can be only one market leader. But there can be more then one (or two) competitors with a market share >20%.

Roland Dressler, 2011-09-12

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