RAIDiator 4.1.8 and RAIDiator 4.2.19 available for your ReadyNAS

by Volker Weber


Netgear updates the firmware for both Sparc and x86 based ReadyNAS devices. The new firmware supports Mac OS X Lion and Time Machine.


Ah. Endlich. :-)

Thomas Langel, 2011-09-12

I have had issues with my printer connected to the ReadyNAS ever since they released the Lion patches (beta and final firmware versions). However a very helpful gentleman by the name of Dr. Christian Fries posted some tips on the official ReadyNAS forum, which I have expanded and annotated here:

Netgear ReadyNAS & OS X: fixing printing

Ben Poole, 2011-09-12

I have the same issue with a duo, lion and a Samsung printer. The missus is not happy with me for the Samsung is currently residing near the iMac in the living room, and not in the study with the other "stuff".

I don't quite understand what applying those steps means, but I hope I can follow them without doing any damage.

Thanks Ben for sharing. Gems like this make it worthwhile to visit vowe - in addition to G+

Tom Holzapfel , 2011-09-14

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