Facebook continues to fail

by Volker Weber

I have completely cleaned my wall a number of times. It should show exactly one post. Although I deleted the older posts they keep coming back. That's a double fault:

  1. Facebook does not delete stuff even it they appear to.
  2. They can't keep the stuff out of your profile even after you told them to.

It's not only that you cannot remove stuff from Facebook, they even fail to hide the stuff they keep.


Well. Twitter is even worse. Lots of sites are storing your tweets from the api.

Thomas Adrian, 2011-09-20

Volker: there's a new feature on the horizon. ;-)

Jan-Piet Mens, 2011-09-20

You can ask them about the things they have archived from you. They have to answer, it's the law. But you will get the answer on CD, because it's so much. At the latests the word FAIL will become another dimension. Click if you want.

Richard Kaufmann, 2011-09-20

I think I know what the problem is - take some clothes off, then you won't have any more problems.

John Keys, 2011-10-16

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