iPhone is currently no fun

by Volker Weber

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The iPhone 4 is acting up. I think it's time for a new one.


Ha, all those fancy smart phones are industrial waste, the day you buy it. I still have my trusty old Motorola. 5 years and I can still call people and it has a better reception then the iPhone. Where I live, I have seen iPhone-people running around looking for networks.

PS: Acctually I am envious but too cheap to buy something new, when the old one is still working.

Christian Tillmanns, 2011-09-23

Truth to be told, despite its name this is not a phone. It's an Internet access device that can also be used as a phone.

Volker Weber, 2011-09-23

This could be a hardware failure. But since updating my iPhones to 4.3.5 (Build 8L1) I experienced this new problem frequently on both devices after travelling abroad.

After looking to this strange behaviour in depth I figured out that sometimes the carrier is switched from "automatic" to a specific carrier (the preferred one) in a roaming situation.

Coming back to my home country this setting isn't switched back to "automatic" but my home carrier is explicitly selected. In case of a short network loss this message is displayed and stalls the devices modem functions. After switching back to "automatic" (which doesn't work reliably - this is a new bug too) the problem has gone. As already mentioned I experienced the same problem on two devices after updating, so my stomach tells me this behaviour could be reinforced by a software problem.

Axel von Dielingen, 2011-09-23

My 3GS is still just fine two years on. Dang, no reason to upgrade!

Ben Poole, 2011-09-23

Ups, yeah, right, sorry, the iPhone is not a phone. Yes, you are absolutely right.
Darn, now I have to look for a new phone that I will not buy because the old one still works.
You haven't made my life any easier.

Christian Tillmanns, 2011-09-23

Phone is one of the least used features on my iPhone.

Simon O'Doherty, 2011-09-23

Slightly off topic, but what is that wallpaper and where can i get it?

David Guillaume, 2011-09-23

Set the automatic setting for your network Provider. That is what the Problem solved on two of my i-devices

Henry Walther, 2011-09-23

Bingo. Das war's. Falsch und richtig:


Volker Weber, 2011-09-23

Sowas hatte ich heute auch. Mit dem 3GS die Anzeige "No Service", allerdings mit T-Mobile. Andere SIM für anderes Netz rein - geht! SIM in ein anderes Gerät -funktioniert auch.


Ich habe dann beschlossen, daheim mal ein Rester zu machen. Soweit kam ich aber nicht, denn in Darmstadt funktioniert wieder alles!

Alles sehr merkwürdig.

Hans Kurent, 2011-09-23

Mist! Rester sollte eigentlich Restore heissen!
Ich muss unbedingt die Autokorrektur ausschalten. ;-)

Hans Kurent, 2011-09-23

Das Problem hatte ich auch vermehrt in letzter Zeit, auch bei mir war der Provider fix eingestellt. Bin gespannt ob das umstellen auf automatisch auch bei mir hilft. Jedenfalls - vielen Dank für den Tip. :)

Harald Reisinger, 2011-09-26

I think the only reason why so few people really complain about the terrible iPhone connection is because most of them are using automatic settings. But, if you have to use your iPhone in manual network selection mode (e.g. due to roaming issues because you're living on a border in europe) you become aware of the terrible iPhone connection quality in terms of reception and stability. For me, the iPhone is a nice internet access device, as a phone, I wouldn't use anything else than my BlackBerry Bold.

Mario Breid, 2011-09-27

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