BBM Music launches in the Canada, the US and Australia

by Volker Weber

The BBM™ Music app is finally here, and will be available for downloading within the next 24 hours in Canada, the United States and Australia (more regions will be launching shortly, so stay tuned).

50 songs in your library, $5 a month. Plus all the songs in your friend's libraries. Does that makes sense to you?

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I think its an intelligent way to build a social music service in short time. Low price, good selection of songs, and a very clever sharing mechanism.

Mind you, whether its enough to save RIM in the market they're targeting is a whole different matter...

Stuart McIntyre, 2011-11-02

The underlying theme I picked up at BB DevCon was social=viral. I think RIM is really hoping integration of apps with BlackBerry Messenger will create viral "uptake" of their apps. Integrating your music and BBM means your music collection is tied into BBM, meaning it will be harder for you to give up your BlackBerry. Makes sense from RIM's point of view.

Makes sense from a user perspective in that the integration with BBM means I can get a LOT of free music. The more friends I have, and the more we share, the more we get free.

As I understand it, 50 songs are free. The $5/month premium means unlimited music.

Kathy Brown, 2011-11-02

I am afraid not. You have to pay $5 a month. Then you can have 50 tracks in your (streaming) library. And you may only change 25 of them each month.

For free you get 30 seconds previews. For a limited time.

Volker Weber, 2011-11-02

@Volker, I think you get 50 songs for a limited time for free (to trial the service), then it drops to 30 second previews after that.

Anyone think this could be simpler? ;-)

Stuart McIntyre, 2011-11-02

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