Camera Advice

by Volker Weber

Michael asked for my opinion on buying a DSLR vs a compact prosumer camera. Here is my answer:

Short answer: get an iPhone 4S.

Long answer: I own several cameras, but the iPhone is the only camera that lives in my pocket. And it puts consumer cameras to shame. If you do need pro equipment, look for a full format sensor (24x36 mm) and start with a 50mm/f1.4 lens. Add more glass as you go. 105mm (or 70-200mm), then 20mm (or 12-24mm). Most people get tricked into buying an SLR with a cheap kit lens. Once you bought that kit, you will still shoot 99% of your photos with the iPhone.

Replace the iPhone with a Lumia 800 if you want Windows Phone, N9 if you want Meego, N8 if you want Symbian. Don't know any decent Android camera.

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