David Pogue likes Windows Phone

by Volker Weber

David Pogue, for the New York Times:

Windows Phone 7.5 is gorgeous, classy, satisfying, fast and coherent. The design is intelligent, clean and uncluttered. Never in a million years would you guess that it came from the same company that cooked up the bloated spaghetti that is Windows and Office.

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Pogue is true when it comes to the platform -- but the quality of the apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace is just POOR.

Very little stuff that follows the new paradigms (hubs, live tiles etc.). Lots of RSS readers for ONE feed, currency converters for TWO currencies and strange "ebooks" instead...

Thomas Cloer, 2011-11-05

BTW, I think that this piece by Lukas Mathis is still the best on Windows Phone, even though it was even written before the Mango update.

Thomas Cloer, 2011-11-05

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