Replacing a Nokia Lumia 800 is not as easy as I thought it would be

by Volker Weber

Nokia replaced my pre-preductions review unit with a final production unit. My plan was to backup the "old" phone and restore to the new one. That's how it works on iPhones. When you connect a new one, it asks you if you would like to restore from an existing backup.

Windows Phone 7 connector did not do that. So I dug through the application support directories on my iMac and found three devices: the HTC Trophy, the old Lumia and the new one. I copied the backup from the old Lumia to the new directory, but that would not work either.

So I am going to start a new configuration. Rrrrrrrrr.


Known issue. Hopefully addressed in next refresh. (sigh...)

Amy Blumenfield, 2011-11-10

Ich würde mich eher freuen, dass ich ein Lumia800 umsonst bekomme :)

Rene Hellmann, 2011-11-10

Das glaube ich gerne. ;-) Aber es ist ja nicht meins, und ich muss es auch wieder hergeben.

Volker Weber, 2011-11-10

@Rene Dann entwickel' doch was dafür ;-)
Nokia Lumia phones for developers targeting Windows Phone

Ralf Hammen, 2011-11-10

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