New ReadyNAS (x86) Add-On: Dropbox Installer

by Volker Weber

  • Global dropbox directory that can be used as a share and made available to all users on your LAN
  • Personal dropboxes that are created in the user's home directories on the ReadyNAS
  • Allows linking of different dropboxes on the ReadyNAS to different Dropbox user accounts

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Hmm, spend $2.49 on or just download it for free from the developer on the official ReadyNAS forums....

DropBox on ReadyNAS Forums

Declan Lynch, 2011-11-11

Not spend, donate. The money goes to the developer. He runs

Volker Weber, 2011-11-11

Think of the donation as a motivation for the developer to continue creating add-ons like these which augment the usefulness of our ReadyNAS devices. Without the donation Stefan would probably just pack it in. Creating these add-ons is hugely time consuming [1] and a few dollars are but a token of appreciation for the work put in.

[1] I'm currently laying the groundwork for a new ReadyNAS add-on, and believe me, I know. :-)

Jan-Piet Mens, 2011-11-11

Very nice addon. I just recently created this on the commandline on my linux box in the office for our staff. And to get it run smoothly, there is a lot of niftly little configuration to be done.
So a nice gui is definitly worth the 2$

Although the nerd in me is happy to have done it the "old school way" ;)

Mark Altmann, 2011-11-14

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