Designing the Lumia 800

by Volker Weber


Why do they make such a big deal about the phones design in a world where software is all that matters? The Lumia looks like another generic Windows Phone with the same software as everywhere else.

One problem of the windows phone plattform are the limited hardware options for the manufacturers and Nokia limited it even more. There is no front facing camera and no gyro, both supported by Mango and pretty much standard in other smartphones.

But - and that's a big but - it looks nice. That's the same problem I have with the iPhone ... it looks nice, but it's soooo limited. The OS with the most options - Android - seems to only work on not so pretty devices or devices with giant dimensons (I like the S2). Damn it ... the perfect phone is not being produced yet ;-)

Sebastian Herp, 2011-11-11

Nokia is trying to make the same mistakes that Apple made.

Volker Weber, 2011-11-11

> There is no front facing camera and no gyro

I guess that's why it's called the model 800. There has to be some room for a future high-end top model 900.

Christian Rosner, 2011-11-11

> Nokia is trying to make the same mistakes that Apple made.

They even seem to copy the music for the clips. ;-)

Difference is, they seem to rehearse to much (or to less). The clip leaves a somehow artificial impression. Tastes like a plastic apple fruit ...

Jan Lauer, 2011-11-11

I've watched the video in full length and rarely suffered that much. 1st, it is full of bullshit bingo and 2nd, claiming that the industrial design is the result of the great collaboration with Microsoft when the same ID was done for the N9. Meh.

Yves Luther, 2011-11-11

Da kannst Du mal sehen, was ich mir auf den diversen Konferenzen so erzählen lasse. Stundenlang. Und Du jammerst nach 8 Minuten. Memme. :-)

Volker Weber, 2011-11-11

Naja, dafür bekommst du zur Linderung deiner Qualen oft ein Gerät gratis. Und den ganzen Ruhm. Und die tollen ct' Artikel. Und unsere Huldigung. ;–)

Yves Luther, 2011-11-11

What a pathetic video. They cannot even agree on how to pronounce the name of the company they work for. And why is the first guy trying to mimic Scott Forstall?! Loosen up, man! Nokia is toast. There is no doubt in my mind. There is nothing original left in that company. I guess it would be best if Microsoft just acquires them to make it official. Good luck with that strategy anyways!

Markus Dierker, 2011-11-11

Why do you sound so harsh? Yes, this video copies Apples Jonathan Ive-PR-Videos. But one problem with nokia in the past was that they were to proud to copy from others. Remember how long nokia would not produce a clamshell when they were selling like...

Also the lumia 800 really IS a very nice device and even if you knee windows phone 7.5 before, the design and the feeling of the hardware makes a difference. Nokia still sells more phones than any company in the world and even with a US-based microsoft guy on the top there are is a lot of competence and a lot of bright people.

what makes me wonder is all that talk about good antenna reception. sure it would be a bad idea to make a monobody out of stell, but in our testlab the lumia 800 showed a mediocre receiption. also the camera is not as good as nokia n8 (and htc titan with wp7.5 has a better camera), though quite near the iphone.

I would have prefered a true nokia product with their own os like n9 with meego, but as this path has been destroyed the nokia lumia 800 is a very fresh beginning.

Christian Just, 2011-11-11

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