Liking your stupid Facebook profile photo? You better do.

by Volker Weber


Modern smartphones merge your identities. And they show whatever you chose as your profile photo. Right on top of your business email. She looks good. Do you?


I always look good.

Tim Tripcony, 2011-11-13

@Tim especially when singing barber music.

Stephan H. Wissel, 2011-11-13

@Stephan, I suspect that's because vertical stripes have a slimming effect.

Tim Tripcony, 2011-11-13

That's why I use the same picture across al instances

Lars Berntrop-Bos, 2011-11-14

The LinkedIn app* also brings across profile pictures and merges them with your contacts. Other than that, at least on BlackBerry, it is pretty useless - but I like to see a picture of whoever is calling or emailing etc so I have the LinkedIn app installed. Therefore my contacts show a mixture of very businesslike pictures (generally from LinkedIn) and decidedly goofy ones (generally from Facebook).

* If anyone needs to know how to get the LinkedIn app working on an OS7 BlackBerry, let me know. It does work quite well (insofar as it works at all), but the standard ways of installing it via BB App World and direct from LinkedIn do not work.

Chris Linfoot, 2011-11-14

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