Dr Mike Taylor: The parable of the farmers and the Teleporting Duplicator

by Volker Weber

Imagine a world where food is cheap and freely available, thanks to the amazing Teleporting Duplicator. What could go wrong?

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Well, yes.....

The parable is a bit devalued though, by one point, best expressed by a commentator on that article:

"Often the peer review process can take a mangy old vegetable and turn it into a shiny delicious vegetable, as the peer reviewers direct the authors to conduct further experiments or analysis, which lead to new insights or strengthening of the story. Most academic papers are vastly improved by the interaction."

That's probably true - and you can't really do that with farm produce!

Nick Daisley, 2012-02-11

I guess you could exchange food with music or other media that needs "distributors" ...

Sebastian Herp, 2012-02-12

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