Finally a directional microphone for my iPhone

by Volker Weber

I was hoping to have this for Lotusphere, but it arrived only today: the Belkin LiveAction microphone. It solves one little problem I have with video recording on the iPhone: you have to be in a really quiet surrounding to get a decent sound level. This microphone however has two characteristics: a very narrow beam and one that catches more surround sound. Both favor the object in the front of the camera. I am pretty sure that this microphone will let me record live interviews in busy places.

The iPhone in this picture is held with a Glif on top of a Manfrotto tripod.


This is what we were looking for last week, I guess :-)

Alexander Kluge, 2012-02-21


Volker Weber, 2012-02-21

"coming soon" means exactly ... what? Need it in March 2012 ;-)

Alexander Kluge, 2012-02-21

Belkin hat die Mics an Lager. Jetzt müssen Sie nur noch den Weg in den Laden finden.

Volker Weber, 2012-02-21

Mate that Glif and Tripod are awesome, I went out and ordered them right away after seeing them here. I got the Cosmonaut stylus from Studio Neat as well. I just wish I had a need for that cool directional mic but... not yet I suppose.


Brett Hershberger, 2012-02-21

Just ordered all the parts ;-) Thank you!

Alexander Kluge, 2012-02-22

Ein sound sample waere toll, ich find das Ding ziemlich hawt!

Sascha Siekmann, 2012-02-23

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