Does IBM Lotus Notes Traveler support the BlackBerry PlayBook?

by Volker Weber

Does IBM Lotus Notes Traveler support the BlackBerry PlayBook?


However, the BlackBerry PlayBook supports IBM Lotus Notes Traveler.


The technote is a little austere and will get updated. I am pleased to see RIM's new Playbook announcement and their efforts to work with Notes Traveler. While we don't support this configuration on the IBM side today, we are working with RIM towards that support from IBM in addition to the support they have already committed to provide.

Ed Brill, 2012-02-21

I'm curious to know if since the BB PB 2.0 uses ActiveSync and since Traveler is an Activesync host, if these two could play nicely together - even if not supported by IBM?

Eric Mack, 2012-02-21

Yes, that is the deal.

Volker Weber, 2012-02-21

Will I grind my axe and ask why Traveler doesn't just support activesync in all its forms so every device supporting activesync can be used (and supported). Life would be a lot easier for everyone, including IBM.

Paul Mooney, 2012-02-22

That is the plan for the next version of Traveler. IBM calls it "Nokia and HTC".

Volker Weber, 2012-02-22

Would be lovely if it was "Traveler and anything running activesync"

Paul Mooney, 2012-02-22

There is a reason it does not say "or Samsung".

Volker Weber, 2012-02-22

The technote has been apologies for the original language.

@Paul/vowe, I think you are getting what you want in the next release, we just can't test every device. It is essentially the same challenge with today's RIM announcement. There are many levels of ActiveSync and not all devices are written to the latest or a full implementation.

Ed Brill, 2012-02-22

We have limited the devices that can connect to Traveler through this line in the ntsconfig file..

PROPERTY NAME="ALLOWED_USER_AGENT_REGEX" VALUE="(Lotus Traveler Android)|(Apple-iPh)|(Apple-iPa)|(TravelerCompanion)"

What would we need to add for it to accept connections from the Playbook running the new firmware?

Steve Hammond, 2012-02-24

I am looking for one solution to support our Blackberry, iOS and Android fleet. Will the next version of Traveler be able to do this or am I not understanding this correctly?

Ashley Rees, 2012-06-14

Ashley, BlackBerry 7 devices (and older) will continue to need BES to access Domino Mail. Traveler will provide mail to other devices, like iPhone, iOS, Android, PlayBook and BlackBerry 10.

Volker Weber, 2012-06-14

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