Watching the MWC show

by Volker Weber

Remember MWC 2011? Android tablets were going to give Apple a run for its money.

The news coming out of MWC 2012 sound familiar. Android phones with 4.3", 4.7", 5" screens, Android tablet with 5" screens, 7" screens, 10" screens. Some of them on ancient Android versions, some of them on ICS. Smartphone screens are getting larger, tablet screens are all over the place. Hands and pockets are still the same size.

App designers will have a lot of fun with form factors and screen resolution. Geeks will be looking at dual cores and quad cores.

And all of that does not matter a bit. People will be checking their Facebook, their WhatsApp, their email. Operators will try to protect their minutes and texts business. They will throttle data usage so that you cannot upload your megapixel images, your HD videos, or they won't let you make video calls. When you travel across a border, the very same carrier will charge you a fortune. It's the same old, same old.

There has been a single exciting thing coming out of MWC. And some of the pundits did not get it, since it's not on Android.

The big elephant wasn't even in the room. It's coming next week.


I been following MWC online, as I am in the market for a new phone.
And you are right, the mobile phone makers are all over the place. A 5-inch screen on a phone is way too big, I think. But a 10-inch Android-based tablet would be nice.

Based on your experience, what phone would you recommend? I currently have the BB Bold 9700, and it is slow, running out of memory all the time, UI feels very dated, and the GPS sensor is hardly ever detecting location anymore. Since very few applets are released for Blackberry (at least from Swedish companies, but also not very many here in the US), I don't see myself staying with Blackberry, despite loving the keyboard. The tiny screen and low resolution are not helping either.

Since I don't want to be locked in to iTunes (no buggy iTunes on my computer!) and I want to be able to simply copy over MP3 and Divx files to the phone, it sounds like Android is the only alternative.
What would you recommend? Somewhat future proof (a manufacturer that do release new OS versions after they come out), must/should have expandable memory (SD card) and a great display, preferably not getting outdated within the first 3-6 months...
The rumors about Samsung Galaxy S3 sounds like it could be an interesting choice, but the LG Optimum 4X also sounds nice.

Karl-Henry Martinsson, 2012-02-29

If Android, then Nexus. As simple as that.

Volker Weber, 2012-02-29

I don't get it.

What has been that "single exciting thing coming out of MWC". Skype for Windows Phone?

The big elephant is Apple I guess, but how are they going to change the carriers influence to cripple the smartphone experience?

Maximilian von Hulewicz, 2012-02-29

Maximilian, download this 32 MB archive and be amazed what a smartphone can do.

Volker Weber, 2012-02-29

I see, this is truly amazing technology!

Anyhow, I wouldn't consider this phone for myself. Aesthetically, I can't oversee the bump and therefore wouldn't want to carry this phone on me.
Moreover, I'm not sure there's a bright future for Symbian phones. Having seen the Verge interview with Elop, he himself describes it as a disruptive technology which they just had to get into the market to show (stakeholders) what they are capable of. Like with the N9, I get the feeling this will end up as a unicorn with minimum support and further development from Nokia. Also, I think I would prefer to have the Windows Phone over the Nokia Belle experience.

A new phone will be due for me in April. Let's see if Apple has anything mobile besides an updated iPad up it's sleeves for next week. Otherwise it'll have to be the Lumia 900 as soon as it is available. Although I like the size of the 800 more, but as you've pointed out also, it's missing the front facing camera.

Maximilian von Hulewicz, 2012-02-29

I would not expect Apple to announce a new phone next week. And the Lumia 900 does appear to be a good choice.

Volker Weber, 2012-02-29

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