Belkin iPhone Remote

by Volker Weber

When you want to shoot photos and videos on the iPhone while you are in the picture, you can use a mirror, the front facing camera or do timed shot. Or you can use a bluetooth remote like this one from Belkin.

At first I did not know what the left part was about. It detaches, it twists and turns:

And then it dawned on me. This is just a clever little stand, you can attach to the phone so that it does not fall over. Put it in the back when you are tilting up, or in the front, when tilting down.

The remote uses two AAA batteries, so don't forget to turn it off when not in use. This all is working just nicely. Downside: you have to use Belkin's LiveAction app and that is a stinker.

PS: While shooting the photos, my G11 dropped from about one meter height on a hard floor. It's badly bruised but seems to be working OK. Just a stark reminder not to invest too much of your money into a camera that you are actually using.


passt das dann noch mit dem Micro zusammen?
Und dann noch so eine Vorsatzlinse....

Ob das iPhone dann noch erkennbar ist?

Hans Giesers, 2012-02-29

Na klar. Das Setup kann so bleiben. Wenn man das Stativ und den Glif nicht dabei hat, dann kann man den kleinen Pinöckel auf die andere Seite des iPhone klemmen.

Volker Weber, 2012-02-29

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