A few days with the BlackBerry Bold 9790

by Volker Weber

I was quite surprised when RIM announced another BlackBerry Bold.

The Bold series started with the iconic Bold 9000, to be succeed by the Bold 97xx developed in Bochum,Germany, which was much smaller than the original Bold. Then, in 2011 RIM came back with the Bold 9900, which was similar to the orginal design, but way better. Not only did they add touch and the BlackBerry 7 software. It also was a very honest design. What looked like metal was plastic on the 9000, what looked like glass was plastic, and what looked like leather was also plastic. Not so on the 9900. The materials were all genuine. I love it.

So here we have the 9790. It's as small as the 9700, even at bit more tapered. It also has touch and comes with BlackBerry 7. It basically does exactly the same things that the 9900 does. In a very lean package. It even brings back autofocus to the camera, which the 9900 dropped.

And still, I prefer the bigger Bold 9900. The 9790 has a very weird keyboard, that wraps around the edge of the tapered device, where the 9900 is completely flat. It feels much cheaper when you compare it to the 9900. It's really no competition for me. I will take the 9900 over the 9790 every single time. But that's not true for everybody; I know people who wear very tight suits. And they love the 9790.


In this point the 9790 is miles ahead of the 9900: Runtime. Maybe this will qualify the device as the better travel companion?


Peter Meuser, 2012-03-19

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