New Bluetooth headset

by Volker Weber

I have come to love Plantronics products, to the point where I would be very disappointed to find one that isn't stellar. So far I have had a great USB headset, a car handsfree, a desktop speakerphone, and now the Voyager Pro UC V2.

What I find most amazing is how well the noise cancellation works on the microphone. Even on a busy streetcar it had no problem picking up my voice although I was speaking quietly. At least I hope I did. It's very comfortable, the battery seems to last forever, but yes, you look like something is growing from your ear. Good news: you can put the headset away and when the phone rings you quickly put it on your ear and it automatically accepts the call. Take it off, and the conversations gets transferred to your phone. Back and forth. It's almost like it's reading your mind. Did I mention it charges over MicroUSB, so you don't need to carry another power supply? No, but now I did.

I haven't even scratched the other capabilities, like handling UC on your PC through the Plantronics Spokes software. They finally have a Mac version, btw. As every other Plantronics product so far it wins the prestigious editor-refuses-to-give-it-back award.


This video demonstrates their noise cancelling quite well...

Carl Tyler, 2012-03-14

Certainly more convincing that this one. ;-)

Volker Weber, 2012-03-14

Ja, das Headset ist schon ziemlich gut.
Aber es hat auch seine Schattenseiten:
* Es gibt es eine lange Liste von Blinkcodes, die nur im PDF Kompletthandbuch stehen
* Piepst das Ding bei entgangenen Anrufen ca. 30 Mal - mir ist bislang nicht klar geworden, wir man das abstellen kann
* Die Windows Ladestandsanzeige ist fast nie korrekt - heute wieder von 25% auf aus in ca. 3 Minuten

Just my 2ct,

Heribert Schlebbe, 2012-03-14

There's model called "Voyager Pro HD" - am I correct that this is pretty much the pro UC V2 without the BT dongle and the pouch?

Joerg Richter, 2012-03-25

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