Sonos CONTROL is a goner

by Volker Weber

Photo: vowe

Still my favorite controller, but Sonos is going to discontinue selling it at the end of May. The writing has been on the wall since Sonos starting giving away for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices. More recently Sonos also opened their SonosNet for Android devices so the hardware controller loses one advantage, to be able to talk directly to ZonePlayers.

Due to economies of scale the hardware controller always was more expensive than an iPod touch, which can serve a lot more functions in a smaller form factor. The controller was also plagued by failing touch screens which Sonos always replaced free of charge.

Sonos will service existing controllers for two years after registration and software updates are going to be provided for the foreseeable future.


Just in den letzten Tagen zickt mein Controller rum. Ein Anruf bei Sonos, der keine 2 Minuten dauerte, und das Gerät wird ausgetauscht. Der Service ist wirklich gut.

Thomas Lang, 2012-04-05

What are those two knobs in the front? The black one looks like on of 'em space navigators. :)

Daniel Haferkorn, 2012-04-05

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