I, Cringely: By 2015 IBM will look like Oracle

by Volker Weber

So after five parts and hundreds of reader comments, what will IBM look like by the end of 2015?  It will look like Oracle.

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  3. Magical thinking at IBM
  4. How to fix IBM in a week
  5. We’re all just lab rats to IBM


Wow. Quite a read those links.

Garry Lees, 2012-04-26

Wow, great read, those articles.

It wouldn't surprise me if IBM GBS is being positioned for a sale. And if I recall a major IBM head (may have been Palmisano) stated a few years ago that they wanted to grow their software division to be 60% of their sales.

Glad I don't use IBM GBS.

Erik Brooks, 2012-04-27

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