You want this.

by Volker Weber

"Power on. Talk time six hours. Phone one connected."

Says the Plantronics Voyager Pro. A long press on the button lets you talk to Siri. No need to fetch the phone out of your pocket.


I love this thing. After only six weeks ...


I always thought it would be a bit weird talking to your phone like that. What's it like in practice? Do you talk to Siri in public?

Kieren Johnson, 2012-04-26

Oh yes. I have no shame. ;-) On a more serious note, that is the advantage of this headset: you can talk with a very low voice and it will still pick it up. You look weird with this thing growing out of your head, but a person 2 meters away cannot hear you. I speak on a train with confidence, knowing that the person on the other end hears and understands me, but not the person in the next row or across the isle.

Volker Weber, 2012-04-26

While I'm not an iOS guy (and therefore don't use Siri - nor have I tried Iris), I am extremely happy with the Plantronics Voyager Pro. If I'm sitting at my desk, I use a wired headset (also Plantronics). But when moving about, I use the Voyager Pro. It very capably connects to both my work phone (BlackBerry Bold 9930) and my personal phone (Razr MAXX). And, as you state, it does a splendid job of picking up one's voice without one needing to speak loudly :)

Joe Litton, 2012-04-26

I have a different plantronics headset (Plantronics stereo bluetooth Backbeat 903+) and an HTC Rezound (i.e. fairly new) Android phone, and I also frequently use the long-press voice dialing feature to great effect. Sorry Sire, but that's not a new trick.

I can't say I've tested the audio pickup to the degree you have with the Voyager, but I'm pretty sure the Voyager would be better in that respect. The main advantages for me with the Backbeat are that it is good for music since it is stereo, and it tends not to fall out of my ear(s) the way most single earpiece models do. When chasing a young child around the house/playground/yard the latter feature comes in most handy. The sucker is also able to survive being dropped in wet places I'd rather not mention, which is also quite impressive.

Kevin Pettitt, 2012-04-26

I like the title of this post on the Casual Friday one :)

Luis Guirigay, 2012-04-26

Does this work with a mac too ?

Mark Verhaeghen, 2012-04-27

There is no Siri on Mac, but of course it works as a headset in Skype.

Volker Weber, 2012-04-27

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