Is RIM behind the embarrassing Wake Up stunt?

by Volker Weber

So it appears* it’s Poor Old RIM who put together this embarrassing campaign. It’s heartbreaking that even when RIM try something cool, they end up screwing it up so badly that no-one even imagines it could be them.

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Presumably the 'wake up' refers to coming to a realisation that Apple is not the only option (and couple that with the people dressed up as sheep, and the message is fairly clear). The problem for RIM is that, if the people who blindly* select iPhones were to 'wake up' they probably wouldn't choose a BlackBerry as they come to their senses (I'm saying that in a tongue-in-cheek way, I'm not saying that iPhone users really need to wake up).

* Personal experience - my wife chose an iPhone without considering anything else, and when my daughter or I say anything good about our phones, Mrs A says "ah yes, but it's not an iPhone". This is who Apple targets. By the way, my daughter hated her Android phone, preferred an old BlackBerry I gave her, but now loves the Lumia 800.

Darren Adams, 2012-05-01

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