Two girls on longboards

by Volker Weber


Beim nächsten Mal vielleicht mit Windschutz. Ansonsten: Leider geil.

Thomas Cloer, 2012-04-30

Mit welcher Geschwindigkeit geht das zu Tale?

Jörg Hermann, 2012-04-30

This appears to be shot in the Columbia River Gorge from what I can see from the scenery.

Bruce Elgort, 2012-04-30

Hi Jörg, thanks for the puzzle, felt like doing one :)

According to youtube this is from the maryhill freeride. If you search for maryhill loops road in Google Earth you'll find the road. With the aid of the street view mode I was able to correlate the track and check from where to where they drove.

With the help of the polyline I get a distance of roughly 2.75 km. Drive time on the video is about 3:51 mins - that gives us an avg. speed of about 42 km/h , which does fall into my first guesstimate of "more than 30 but definitely less than 60" - due to the fractal nature of roads the road may be a bit longer, also I don't know if GEarth takes the slope of the region into account, but hey...

Frank Quednau, 2012-04-30

what is the camerman means of transportation? Rollerskates? does he ride alone or with another guy on a skateboard?

Chris Frei, 2012-05-01

Frank, nice calculation. 42 km/h may not sound that much but it should be fast enough to risk some serious "skin irritations"...

Martin Kautz, 2012-05-01

Martin, it's called: "Asphaltflechte". :)

Marc Patermann, 2012-05-02

The description on YouTube says "up to 40 mph".

Volker Weber, 2012-05-05

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