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by Volker Weber

Just finished six weeks of traveling. This is the gear that keeps me afloat. Plus an iPad for work. I am doing all my presentations from the iPad, and in combination with a Belkin keyboard, all of my writing on the go.

This is the stuff I use when not working:

  1. Nokia BH-905i is the essential tool to keep me isolated on the train. Noise canceling, great sound, connects to any of the other three devices.
  2. BlackBerry P'9981 is a rock solid BlackBerry. You can save a ton of money with the wonderful BlackBerry 9900. It's the same thing, minus the flashy body.
  3. AppleiPhone 4S. All around the best internet access device. Unless your network coverage sucks.
  4. Nokia Lumia 800. I believe that is going to be the best designed phone for a while. The 900 is bigger, adds LTE and a front facing camera. But it lacks the curved screen and it's just to big for my liking.

Both the BlackBerry and the Lumia lack a lot of software I use: G+, Path, Flipboard, Sonos Controller. An Android would provide the same, but why carry an Android when you have an iPhone? Both the BlackBerry and the Lumia have inferior cameras to the iPhone. The BlackBerry adds rock solid messaging that works in even the worst network conditions. The Lumia adds offline navigation and seems to be giving me the best results for phone calls.

On my next trip, the 808 PureView is going to replace the Lumia.


I'm curious about the Nokia BH-905i. Mine quite often has the problem of keeping the sound connection to an iPad2. This mostly happens within the first 20 seconds of the connection. Funny thing is, the controls, as start and pause, still work, but no sound.
Closing the connection and reopening it sometimes helps, sometimes not. Success rate is higher when the re-connection is initiated by the Nokia.
If the connection survives the first minute it will stay stable for a long time.


Martin Funk, 2012-05-25

Bluetooth is a bitch.

Volker Weber, 2012-05-25

agree to BT and the BH-905i. When in use with a mobile I use typically the cable. That works fine for me.

G+ on the BB - there is an app for that from SmarterApps. I got this through AppWorld I believe and it looks ok for my taste.

Armin Auth, 2012-05-25

Offline navigation is also possible on the iPhone: NavFree.

Which also available for other countries for free. Maybe not that good then a payed app, but hey, it's free...

Thomas Lang, 2012-05-25

Did you try Phonos on the Lumia as a Sonos controller? It costs money but the trial hints at having enough features to go through as a decent sonos remote...

Frank Quednau, 2012-05-25

I am also using the Nokia BH-905i when traveling and it works quite well.
Problems start to arise when I try to switch the headphones from one unit to another to to the MacBook.
Sometimes it works just fine, some times I need to reset and re-pair each unit.
Do you have a recipe for minimizing trouble when using a setup like yours?

Stating "bluetooth is a bitch" is nothing but the truth.

Pieterjan Lansbergen, 2012-05-26

Can the Nokia be worn for jogging?

Dietmar Liehr, 2012-05-29

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