It smelled funny for a reason

by Volker Weber


About a year ago I posted "This starts to smell funny". My bullshit detector was off the scale. So I put the stock on my watch list. I am now taking it off. My bullshit detector was right.

My only advice is: if you sell your company, don't exchange it for funny money.


Wow... Bid/Asked just dropped from .51/1.30 to .30/.55 at a new low of .50... *not* a good situation for their stock.

Thomas Duff, 2012-05-29

Too late we did that a few years ago. I now know what US Chapter 11 entails and what the Administration process means in the UK. :-(

John Lindsay, 2012-05-30

"If it walks like a duck, talk like a duck, it probably IS a duck!"

Robert Ibsen Voith, 2012-05-30

Did they drop below some threshold? Today, the lookup says:

GBSX.OB is no longer valid. It has changed to GBSX.

Ben Langhinrichs, 2012-05-30

Chart is still there, but insider transactions are missing. The $9 target is gone as well.

Volker Weber, 2012-05-30

... and down to .36 today. Not looking good for the FY report due in June.

Thomas Duff, 2012-05-31

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