Michael Mace: Why Windows 8 Scares Me

by Volker Weber

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I agree with most of the things being said in the article, especially this:
"If you're a productivity worker, Windows 8 does very little for you, and in fact probably makes your life harder. If you're most interested in entertainment and accessing online content, Metro is a big improvement over Windows -- but aren't you likely to already have a smartphone or tablet?"
I currently don't have a tablet, but after trying out an iPad, a Win8 tablet and several Android tablets, I sure as hell won't buy a Win8 tablet. As for the productivity, I don't see myself happily switching between a desktop and the Metro screen every few minutes, it's just too disruptive. So I think I'll maybe have Windows 8 run on my Laptop or in a VM and stick with Windows 7 on my workstation, at least until Win8SP1 comes out, but probably until Windows 9 brings back the Start Menu. ;)

Daniel Haferkorn, 2012-06-01

The opening picture of the video is just plain ugly, and it successfully kept me from clicking the "Play"-button. Whoever designed that look, he deserves to be shot immediately.

Wolfgang Siebeck, 2012-06-01

Irgendwie haben die Quadrate im rechten Bereich des Bildschirmes den Charme von Lotus Notes Kacheln :-)

Franz Mattes, 2012-06-01

Good luck with that!

Markus Dierker, 2012-06-01

In the early 90's I was responsible for the IT at large engineering company. Persuading the Board of Directors to migrate to a new version of an operating system or - even more radical - to change to a different OS (this was in the days of OS/2 vs. Win NT) involved doing a cost/benefit calculation to show there was actually a benefit. User training costs could really skew the result of that.

I can't see significant numbers of corporate users moving to Windows 8 until the OS is really well established on home PCs - the change in the UI is just too confusing if you've never seen Windows 8 before; the training effort too high.

John Keys, 2012-06-01

For me it looks like Microsoft does what they always did: Rip and replace. Until now they did this at the backend, when an "update" for Exchange from one version to another never was an update but a complete "migration". And now they are going one step further and ripping and replacing the user experience. Should be interesting to see how this will work.

Thomas Lang, 2012-06-01

Das sieht ja wirklich gruselig aus. Muss ich wohl für den Rest meines Lebens auf XP bleiben ... :-/

Kristof Doffing, 2012-06-01

Leute, bitte. XP ist schon seit vielen Jahren alt und nicht mehr anzusehen. Windows 7 ist seit Jahren der Standard und im Vergleich frischer und wirklich schön anzusehen. Das Metro UI von Windows 8 ist superfrisch und knackig, modern, klar und minimalistisch.

Und ja, ich arbeite den ganzen Tag am Rechner. Jeden Tag. So richtig produktiv. Dafür gibt es auch in Windows 8 den ganz normalen Desktop. Nur einen Klick für die Umschaltung zwischen den beiden. Ihr erhaltet also etwas ON TOP. Was kann daran schlecht sein?

Könnte ja meinen das wäre ein Rentnerverein hier. 'Vor dem Kriech war aaalles besser'... Nicht immer Angst haben!

Sorry, SCNR. Bash me now ;)

Hubert Stettner, 2012-06-01

For me it looks like one big WTF. In fact, I tried to use it on a VM and gave up like after half an hour.

There are 2 real problems:
- You have to use touch screen gestures with the mouse
- There is a lot of hidden stuff which is extremely confusing

I think one of the most important things that Apple figured out is that the same UI does NOT work on a "normal" computer and on a touch device. They only adapted the stuff that makes sense.
Microsoft didn't get it and I don't understand that despite all the complains they still trying to push the agenda.
Maybe I am all wrong and it will be a big hit, but I still don't believe it.
I have always been happy with Windows but it's maybe really time to switch to the Mac now.

Thomas Muders, 2012-06-01

Apple start with what the user wants/needs and Microsoft start with what they can do with the technology, thats the way it's always been.

Stuart McIntyre, 2012-06-01

@Stuart: 'like' (as the young people say nowadays) - you put it neatly in a single sentence.

Nick Daisley, 2012-06-01

Whenever I boot into Windows 8 I wish Microsoft would just give up and license BlackBerry Tablet OS 2. The Blackberry OS just fits my taste so much better.
I also consider switching between Metro and the old Desktop very disruptive.
What I do like about Windows 8 is its speed and that they are at least trying to innovate. But if you don't have a touchscreen Windows 8 often just annoys you.
I will need a license of Windows 8 anyway and this still seems to be a big advantage for Microsoft. Many companies and people just buy Microsoft no matter how good or bad the product is.

Henning Heinz, 2012-06-01

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