Tim Anderson: Microsoft, Windows 8, and the Innovator’s Dilemma

by Volker Weber

Sinofsky’s goal is to unify the smartphone and the tablet, making a new mobile OS that users will enjoy while also maintaining the legacy desktop and slotting in to enterprise management infrastructure. I admire his tenacity in the face of intense protest, and I am beginning to understand that foresight rather than stupidity underlies his efforts.

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I saw pics showing off the new form factors presented at Computex - I am more optimistic about the new Win8 thing now. From afar there was some quite gorgeous hardware shown.

frank quednau, 2012-06-09

My thoughts as well. Windows machines may get the sexy back, that they lost years ago.

Volker Weber, 2012-06-09

The Win8 tablets look spectacular (says an owner of all 3 iPads). Microsoft was in the office recently pitching them and it is an impressive vision. I still see no reason to use Metro on my desktop, though, so I hope we skip it the way we skipped Vista. On the other hand, maybe we'll just stop buying desktops entirely...

Rob McDonagh, 2012-06-09

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