Exploring Local: Apple and Mapping?

by Volker Weber

I have been quite amused by all of the hoopla concerning Apple’s entry into the world of mapping and navigation. As I read the accolades pouring in as a result of the announcement, I could not help but wonder, “Do any of these people know anything about mapping?” Hmmm.

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Bashing TomTom because he wants to bash Apple? At least is sounds so in the way he is writing.

Maybe my requirements regarding mapping are not as high as his. But I always liked the quality TomTom delivered ... especially compared to others.

So I am more than happy to hear that TomTom and Apple work together in that area!

Harald Gaerttner, 2012-06-15

For me it is the assersion that Apple are settling for "second best", or "not the best" - a tactic most would agree is not something you normally associate with Apple.

I'm not a mapping expert, and like most people I would find it dificult to articulate my requirements. What I am pretty certain of is that even small issues and errors will be maginified thanks to my super Apple inflated expectations.

Ian Bradbury, 2012-06-15

Funny idea: I know a mobile company that owns a mapping service, has a lot of mobile patents and is quite cheap to buy...

Stefan Opitz, 2012-06-16

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