John Gruber: Between a Rock and a Hardware Place

by Volker Weber

If I’m right, it’s inevitable now that Microsoft will acquire Nokia.

Analysis, way beyond his usual snide remarks.

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Nailed it.

Colin Williams, 2012-06-21

Nah, Microsoft wouldn't do that. Unless they could find a way to reduce Nokia's market cap first, maybe by sending someone they can trust inside Nok... oh, wait.

Hanno Zulla, 2012-06-21



Garry Lees, 2012-06-21

Sometimes the board of directors or really big institutions/companies can be easily fooled around.
Nokia -> Elop. HP -> Apotheker.

Oliver Schulze, 2012-06-21

The real question is, if Nokia's sales turn south on the Windows 8 announcement and Microsoft buys them on the reduced market value, will we then say that Microsoft "Osborned" Nokia? :-)

(Keep in mind delays in Windows 8 would only hurt Nokia more, but MS not so much.)

Craig Boudreaux, 2012-06-21

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