Gizmodo: Microsoft Is the Most Exciting Company in Tech

by Volker Weber

I never thought I'd ever hear myself utter such words post-1995. But after Monday's reveal of the Surface tablet—complete with an ultra-thin, pressure-sensitive keyboard cover and the most discrete integrated kickstand ever—and today's Windows Phone 8 announcement — which will be based on the same underpinnings as the Windows RT part of Windows 8 — I'm a believer that Microsoft is the most innovative consumer tech company right now.

Reminder: Even since the "found in a pub" iPhone 4 prototype, Gizmodo fell off the Apple Xmas list. And a reality check: Microsoft won't let anybody actually type on the new keyboard, let alone have a prototype.

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I've read the article, and he uses an awful lot of "ifs". If Microsoft, if, if...

So it looks like he isn't such a strong believer in his own words.

Dirk Steins, 2012-06-22

The post "Microsoft MBA" may be relevent... @ :)

Dennis Ellison, 2012-06-22

When I saw the article I instantly thought "Gizmodo better hope so, because no way in hell will Apple ever be nice to them".

I do wonder if they were happy with the iPhone scandal and their actions in retrospect.

Paul Mooney, 2012-06-22

Some more details from a hands on reviewer:

Details like:
"With the Touch Cover on, we were able to balance the Surface on a lap for typing like a notebook without it falling forward or tipping over backwards; compare this to the Asus Transformer Prime which always wants to fall backwards, and you'll appreciate this weighting."


"The magnesium alloy chassis and the precision design give the Surface RT a sturdy feel. Lift it by the corners and twist and there's no flexing at all; we tried the same thing with the frame of a chassis that hadn't been assembled and even without the glass and back it barely moved."


"The soft surface is more comfortable and less slippery than typing on a screen – not to mention being at the right angle.

It is harder on your fingers than typing on a keyboard with physical keys that give as you type, so if you type a lot there's the Type Cover.

This has the same strokeable soft feel as the Surface chassis itself and the keys go down a surprising distance for a keyboard that's still so thin."

Amy Blumenfield, 2012-06-22

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