Hands-Off: Microsoft Surface Tablet Review

by Volker Weber

After seeing yet another “hands-on” review of the Microsoft Surface tablet, I thought it would be interesting to shed more light on what exactly the journalists who assembled in Hollywood this week for the Surface launch event actually got to do with the tablets. In short, not a lot. Come along as I explain the hands-off reality of what I saw.

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The hands-off would indicate to me that the devices were rushed out and not properly tested. They will probably not be usable until Microsoft release the 2nd generation of devices. Jobs would be laughing.

Paul Farris, 2012-06-25

I think the point here is the collusion of the press in making Microsoft's vapourware look like real products. Or, at least, in making them look far more ready than they actually are.

I've read a number of these "hands on" reviews. Not one of them states the conditions under which they were tested, and yet every one is happy to comment on how good they think typing on their new keyboards is.

It's as if pushing a key on keyboard is now an end in itself. The appearance of characters upon a screen after pushing said keys - something that none of these bloggers has actually managed, it seems - is now irrelevant.

Mike Brown, 2012-06-25

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