PureView In-Ears

by Volker Weber

I hardly ever unpack the earbuds that come with mobile phones and tablets. The Apple earbuds are bad, but many are even worse. The PureView In-Ears are an exception. They deliver a full and solid sound. That's the good news. The bad news is that Symbian phones have a different pinout from Apple and those have a different from Windows phone. Adapters galore. They only thing that works across all devices are standard stereo headsets, without microphone and remote control.

The PureView in-ears have a microphone with a switch that lets you make and break calls. No volume adjustment, no skip forward or backward. The earbuds fit completely into my ear so I can even sleep on them.


Looks like these are better than those bundled with Symbian^3 phones such as the E7 and N8. Those are also pretty good, though.

Gerald Himmelein, 2012-06-27

Gerald, the N8 ones multimedia control buttons, volume rocker, and the full galore. I like them, even on the motorbike for listening to Nokia Maps under my crash helmet. Hell knows why Maps is not talking via Bluetooth after updating last time :-(

Wolfgang Siebeck, 2012-06-29

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