Déjà-vu: Nexus

by Volker Weber


It's Nexus One all over again. Google wants to sell hardware, exclusively through google.com/nexus. The 7" Nexus 7 (sic) tablet is cheap, yet powerful. Plus it runs the latest Android version, and will for a while. It's bad news for the other Android tablet vendors, who have been struggling to compete with Apple.

The Nexus Q is not cheap. It smells a bit of Apple TV (stream content from the store) and Sonos (pull stuff instead of just rendering what is sent from the handheld). What I like best is that it is not bound to a single account like the Apple TV. Instead any Android device with Google Play can lend its credentials to the Q so that it can pull content on behalf of the Android device. Visiting friends can play all their content on your device, it does not even have to be on the device.

I hope this is more successful than Google TV. Google has a bad track record predicting the hardware future.

In any case, it's going to take a while until we have to care:

Geräte auf Google Play sind in Ihrem Land leider noch nicht verfügbar. Wir bemühen uns, die Geräte schnellstmöglich in mehr Ländern anzubieten. Schauen Sie bald wieder vorbei!

Nexus Q, Google TV, Apple TV, Kindle Fire, they are all lamps that need petroleum, read content. Without content in the local store, neither has to make an effort until you can buy the content you are looking for. This is a play well beyond the device.


Lucky I'm jn the US right now. I was so impressed by that presentation, I ordered the Nexus 7 right away. There better is not much of a delay. The biggest surprise will be if it plays all content in Germany, Switzerland and wherever I travel to. If you are on the road as much as I am the Nexus Q does not make sense. But it's a nice idea for later.

Axel Seifried, 2012-06-28

@Axel Seifried: Would be nice if you could us inform if the Nexus Q works in Germany. I think getting somehow the Nexus Q will be possible.

Claus Böhmer, 2012-06-28

Real, real shame that the data storage cannot be expanded with memory cards. 8GB does not go far nowadays.

Garry Lees, 2012-06-28

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