Tripod Mount for Nokia 808

by Volker Weber

A camera needs a tripod mount. At least if you want so shoot video. I now have this generic tripod HH-23, which grabs the phone from both sides. This is the only place it can do that without touching any of the buttons, right between the shutter release and the hold switch.

It's not perfect, but it shall do the job.


Is this a preview of the product? I can't find any information about it on Nokia's site, and nowhere to buy it.

Peter von Stöckel, 2012-07-05

That's quite possible. It's listed on Amazon, but not available.

Volker Weber, 2012-07-05

Hi Volker

Nice that you provide this info.
It is for sale in a dutch webshop.

You write: "this generic tripod HH-23 grabs the phone from both sides". Please elaborate a little. How does it grab, I dont see any knobs or screws?

You also write: "It's not perfect, but it shall do the job". What's the drawback?

Thanks for your answer

Peter Meijs, 2012-07-18

The mechanism is spring-loaded. The HH-23 is generic and not fitted to the form of the phone. As long as you are using a stationary tripod this is not a problem. It will hold the phone in all directions. However, you cannot trust the mount if you experience dynamic loads, for instance when used with a suction cup against a windshield. That would require a mount that fits the phone. I don't know the english terms, but the proper German engineering terms are Kraftschluss vs. Formschluss.

Volker Weber, 2012-07-18

Curiosity triggered, it seems the translation is pretty literal: force closure vs. form closure.

Ragnar Schierholz, 2012-07-18

Thanks Volker.
I just ordered this "Kraftschluss" tripod.

Peter Meijs, 2012-07-19

So I've finally ordered this through Not the easiest thing to do for me, since I speak very poor German. Thanks to Google Translate, I think I got it right though. It's very strange that Nokia would choose to sell these in only a few countries. It's like they don't want customers...

Thanks for the tip, Vowe!

Peter von Stöckel, 2012-08-01

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