It's all about Wouter

by Volker Weber

Marzena & Wouter
Marzena and Wouter Aukema, photo Volker Weber

The big Lotus news today is about IBM and Trust Factory. Sounds like companies, doesn't it? But it's about people, actually about one person. Wouter Aukema. Trust Factory is Wouter Aukema. Let me tell you about Wouter.

Wouter is the ultimate Notes geek. There are lots of people out there claiming they know a thing or two about Notes. None of them can touch Wouter. Why is that? Wouter has been around forever. He has shown IBM how easy it was to break the Notes ID. You never heard about that? Well, Wouter only told IBM and not you.

He sits on the largest body of data about Notes. He knows how Notes gets used. How much is email routing or database replication, how much time is invested in backup or agents running on the server. He knows where the data flows, if there is a data leak where somebody suddenly replicates a database he really should not have.

How does Wouter know? He has written software, that smart companies run on their servers. It collects data, and then it visualizes that data so that lesser people than Wouter can see what's going on.

Wouter's software has been available for a long time. And it's the ultimate weapon if you need to defend a Notes infrastructure. It takes the guessing out of the equation, because you know how you are using Notes. There is no "ah, we can move that to Exchange easily". Wouter will know whether that's true or false. He won't guess, he won't have an opinion, he knows.

Trust Factory has been around for a long time. IBM has known about it for a long time. And Trust Factory has offered their services for a long time. But it's always been difficult for IBM to pay Trust Factory. And that's not because Trust Factory does not know how to write an invoice.

And that is what has changed. IBM is finally able to deploy the ultimate weapon. All they needed was a piece of paper and some signatures. Which is the hardest thing to make. Now that IBM has that, you will have to find out how to call an air strike.

Congratulations, Wouter.


Stunning software and an incredibly intelligent gentleman. Delighted for him.

Paul Mooney, 2012-07-10

Well done Wouter. The world needs more people like you.

Brendon Upson, 2012-07-11

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