Play it loud

by Volker Weber

Jozef Scuric to Steve Litchfield:

This was recorded last Saturday night on HobNob Pop festival 2012. I took it with my new 808, there was a hell of noise and light on the stage!

If you want to experience this you have to put on a good pair of headphones and crank the video up to 1080p. It's absolutely amazing that you can record this kind of video and audio with a smartphone. Try to do that with your phone, next time you are in a club. It's probably going to be distorted. I believe the 808 is the only one which can record at these sound levels.

I will have to talk more about all the things the 808 does besides shooting great photos. Play to DLNA, Play to FM radio, DLNA server, Dolby Surround, HDMI to big screen, USB on the go. NFC pairing to audio equipment, new in Android 4.1, already on the 808.

It's a very long list.


Impressive, indeed! Cannot wait for a version which is based on Windows Phone 8.

Ingo Seifert, 2012-07-13

Yes, impressive indeed.

Mariano Kamp , 2012-07-14

Ingo, I can't wait either. I live in the present. :-)

Volker Weber, 2012-07-14

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