USB on-the-go

by Volker Weber

USB on-the-go is a life saver, if somebody hands you a press kit on a USB key, and you are not carrying a notebook. I can mostly live with my iPad, but I am stuck when this happens. The camera connection kit does not help, because it does not give you file system level access.

The Nokia N8 came with a dongle that lets you mount a USB drive to the phone. It's not in the 808 box, but it can be purchased separately. I still have one, although I did return all N8, E7 etc. Sometimes, things are left behind.

Anyway, the same dongle is working with the 808, and this is what you see, when you plug it in.

One more tap, and you see the files on the USB drive. Then you can take it from there.


Interesting. Does this dongle work with other phones thann Nokia ones?

Christian Tennigkeit, 2012-07-13

It does not even work on all Nokia phones. You need drivers, OS and apps to understand what is going on.

Volker Weber, 2012-07-13

CloudFTP vielleicht?

Federico Hernandez, 2012-07-13

Using this dongle I connected a 1 TB Samsung Harddrive successfully to my N8. That is some kind of storage on a mobile :-)

Wolfgang Siebeck, 2012-07-14

Hello Vowe!

I wonder, do you have a product code for the cable you talk about that allows you to connect your memory stick to the 808? Sounds like a fantastically useful piece of kit, so I'd like to get it (But the right one of course!).

Matt O' Rourke, 2012-07-14

It is a CA-157. I have three things from this page: CA-157, HH-23 and DC-16. I don't recommend the CC-3046.

Volker Weber, 2012-07-14


I have been plaguing Nokia to try and tell me where/how I can get the HH-23, but they refuse to do anything but link me to the store locator for Ireland - I have now spent nearly 5 hours on the phone to stores that Nokia list around the country trying to find a mobile phone shop that stocks the item, to no avail!

I have now ordered the CA-157 from Amazon, thanks!

I have the "TPU Gel Skin Case" for the 808, but have yet to put it on - do you think that it is any better/worse than the CC-3046 case?

Matt O' Rourke, 2012-07-14

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