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by Volker Weber

"Jambox is ready. Waiting for device to connect."

The Jambox turns out to be even better than I expected. One of the things I like is that it talks to me. I don't need to learn any codes or blinking LEDs. It just tells me what's up. Today it gave me a warning when the battery was below 25% charge.

And with the 2.2 software update, it now supports the Android companion. Hear alerts for upcoming meetings while listening to music, and dial in — passcode and all — with a single touch of a button. Loving it.

I added the big one to my wishlist.


How is the voice quality when used as a speaker phone? I'm interested in one to use when I'm working at home, but I don't think I've seen anyone comment on the voice quality.

Eric Hancock, 2012-07-16

I have used the Jambox with my Blackberry and iPhone for calls. In both cases quality on my and the other side where very good. Only one exception; I used it to connect to a telco where we used At&T as provider. This was not a good experience for my counterparts.

Thomas Köster , 2012-07-16

You ever tried the sexy voice (Be Sexy - The Bombshell.)

Just today - JAMBOX now with LIVEAUDIO

Die Technologie hinter LIVEAUDIO™
BACCH™ 3D-Soundtechnologie ist eine bahnbrechende Innovation, die realistischen 3D-Sound aus Lautsprechern Wirklichkeit werden lässt.
Die von Professor Edgar Choueiri im eigenen 3D3A-Studio der Princeton University entwickelte BACCH™-Technologie ermöglicht erst das
JAMBOX LiveAudio™-Hörerlebnis von JAMBOX, dem weltweit ersten im Handel erhältlichen Lautsprecher mit 3D-Audio.
Sieh dir das Video an und erfahr mehr über die Technologie hinter LiveAudio.

Just tried it – sounds good to me :-)

Felix Andris, 2012-07-17

Yes, I tried bombshell, but went back to the default. And Liveaudio has been available for a while.

Volker Weber, 2012-07-17

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