Nokia 808 screens

by Volker Weber

This is what I have been looking at for the last five weeks. And I like what I see.





I would like to agree. But Internet is slow and also multitasking is slow and the social media app is annoying. And: the phone called my wife a dozen times while laying in my pocket. Somehow the screen lock gets unlocked and two presses on the green telephone key starts to call the latest number.

Christian Just, 2012-07-17

Your pants are too tight. :-)

I have no issues with Twitter and I don't use Facebook. The browser is pants, you are right on that one. And I don't like they keyboard.

Volker Weber, 2012-07-17

Original browser is not so good. You should install Opera mobile, which is the best browser for symbian. Opera is fast :-)
And if you don't like their keybord, you should try swype keybord. You can install it from nokia betalabs. It is intuitive and fast also.
I think for social is best app Gravity.

Peter Blaho, 2012-07-18

Swype does not work for me. Tried it a few times, also on Android. Same thing with Opera. And the Gravity Trial ran out before I got used to it.

I do like the Twitter app. I may be the only person but I still do. :-)

The only thing that bothers me is that I cannot nail down the homescreens to not flip from portrait to landscape. I need this elsewhere, but not on the homescreen.

Volker Weber, 2012-07-18

I see the same :-)
Loving the Belle update to Symbian on the E7, apart from no local data on HTML5 in most web 'apps' it's a dramatic improvement over Anna.
Like you, very impressed with the built-in Social App, although it does crash quite frequently for me, requiring a restart to get it working again.

Mat Newman, 2012-07-19

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