Sonos Controller for iOS learns from Android

by Volker Weber

You can finally use the volume buttons to control the volume of your Sonos player from the iPhone. That feature was only available on the Android controller so far.


Thanks for the tip! Works great on iPad as well.

Jörg Weske, 2012-07-18

Are you using this feature? On the first sight I thought this is great. But in the daily live I'm never using it.

Thomas Lang, 2012-07-19

It would be even better when the Android app would obey the volume controls when the screen is off.

Mariano Kamp, 2012-07-19

How would you know it's in the foreground and has the correct zone?

Volker Weber, 2012-07-19

I was expressing something that I'd like to see, not the result of careful analysis. So this may work on Android, or not.

I would know that it is in the foreground, because I last used the device. Furthermore it could be implemented as a musc player, that would then also make the controls visible on the lock screen (playing silence on the actual device).

It would use the zone, that was used last, just like the app does.

Most of the time I just need to change the volume a tiny bit or mute it completely, e.g. by long pressing vol down). So at least to me that would be helpful.

Btw. This is is the way I play back music when on the go and using headphones. I reach into my pocket and use the vol keys without taking out the phone.

Mariano Kamp , 2012-07-19

Ich musste auf den Controller 200 für eine Woche verzichten.
[Touchscreen unten rechts ohne Funktion. Call bei Sonos aufgemacht. Am Donnerstag per UPS verschickt. Am Montag in England. Am Dienstag aus England zurück geschickt, am Donnerstag wieder da. Schneller geht's nicht. :)]
Und die Android App konnte ihn für mich nicht ersetzen.
Üblicher Workflow beim Verlassen der Wohnung als letztes am Controller (in die Hand nehmen) auf Stop drücken (wieder weg legen), wurde zu: Telefon, ach schon eingepackt - aus der Tasche und der Hülle holen, anschalten und entsperren. App starten. Stop drücken. Telefon wieder ausschalten und einstecken.

Marc Patermann, 2012-07-19

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