Google knows

by Volker Weber

Whatever you want to know, just ask Google. Try this: 99 $ +19% in €


How cool is that? Thanks for sharing.

Thomas Lang, 2012-07-19

It's Automagical!

Ian Bradbury, 2012-07-19

Try: "weather in brisbane".

Tobias Vogel, 2012-07-19

Wolfram more accurate?€
96.12 in Wolfram
95.88 in Google

Oliver Schulze, 2012-07-19

This is either an Airport Express or an AppleTV.

Federico Hernandez, 2012-07-19

@Oliver: No, Google more accurate
Google: 1 US$ = 0,815660685 €
WolframAlpha: 1 $ in € = 0.8150 euros

Christian Gross, 2012-07-19

Probably an old one, but a good one: Search for "Do a barrel roll"

Philipp Münzel, 2012-07-19

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