Call buttons - an endangered species

by Volker Weber

Call buttons have become an endangered species. And they are one of the things I love about the Nokia 808 PureView. You can always take or reject a call without looking at the phone. The menu button is in the middle, the right side of the phone has the only other buttons: volume rocker, shutter release, lock/unlock screen. Almost perfect. Would only like to have a rotation lock.


I can understand manufacturers wanting only softkeys - easier to customise. But a very small number of hardware buttons do have their place. The ability to accept/reject call easily via hardware button is one of the features I really LIKE about the BlackBerry 9930 I use for work.

It's more difficult on my personal phone - android Razr MAXX. On the Razr, I have to press a softkey to access the softkeys that then allow me to answer or reject the call. And this operation, of course, requires one to look at the phone.

The design I see in your pic of the Nokia shows a better option than either of my phones offer.

Joe Litton, 2012-07-20

Ich unterstütze einen potentiellen Aufruf an den Verein zum Schutz gefährdeter Arten!
Das ist das größte Ärgernis am N8, manchmal packt man in der Hosentasche einfach auf die falsche Stelle des Screens...

Wolfgang Siebeck, 2012-07-20

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