Nokia Drive becomes useful for commuters

by Volker Weber

Most sat navs are good for finding places you have never been to. But if you want to use it on your regular commute they don't work how you want them to. You know the way, but you don't know the traffic. TomTom will alert you of the traffic, but only if you tell it to navigate. And this becomes tiresome. You can set your home and work destinations, but it never figures out that you are traveling to work in the morning and home in the evening. It asks you every single time, where you want to go.

Nokia is about to change that. Drive learns from you. The routes you drive, and when you drive them. And then it alerts you of a better alternative. First available in the US. This should be quite useful.


I wonder why Nokia uses the SIM card to throttle the feature. This smells of an operator limitation. And you don't want your operator to cut you off features.


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