Jelly Bean on the Nexus S

by Volker Weber


The upgrade to Jelly Bean was smooth, as usual on Android. The Nexus downloaded the new code, rebooted to install, and then went on to "optimize" all my existing applications. Nothing broke. You will notice three things after upgrading: a different splash sequence, a new three-way unlock (Camera, Google Now, Unlock), and the CRT animation (when locking) went missing.

Animations and scrolling are smoother, but other than that, I don't see a big difference. Speech recognition is still not good enough to be usable and I don't benefit from Google Now. If you don't know any better, this is still a good upgrade.

Ridiculous eye candy: Braille on glass.


Interesting, on my G Nexus with JB I still have the CRT animation when the screen shuts off.

I agree with you on the other points, however. Voice rec is nowhere near good enough to be usable. Dialing phone numbers via Bluetooth is a total crap shoot. Odd, considering my BlackBerry from five years ago had 90+% accuracy, and if it wasn't sure it asked me for clarification. The Android voice dialer continues to be practically useless in comparison.

Paul Simpson, 2012-07-22

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