Elgan: Why the mini-tablet is the children's toy of the year

by Volker Weber

Small touch tablets will utterly dominate holiday gift sales to children this year, and will become as much a part of kids' culture as Barbie and LEGO.

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I agree completely (and have said for years) that schools should not be scared of putting advanced technology into the hands of children, as long as they are given proper guidance - and a bit of supervision!

But to describe a $200 piece of technology as 'expendable', is a bit shocking.

Nick Daisley, 2012-07-23

Since I got two Blackberry Playbooks, I gave one to my children who are quite happy with the free games available, and dad is also happy because on the 7" Playbook, contrary to full featured PCs or Macs, it is difficult to alter the system configuration.

Bernhard Kockoth, 2012-07-23

This is the best reasoning I have read so far to convince me that a smaller iPad indeed would make sense and may be good for Apple.

Other than a discounted "full" iPad only the smaller/cheaper one will make Apples Education Project a possible success. That's what I always had in mind when thinking about a smaller iPad. But targeting the "mid age kid"-market wasn't a thing that came to my mind first. But if you think about it it's an obvious idea.

I wouldn't want a small iPad and prefer to go with the bigger version ... but obviously I am not the target customer anyway ;-)

Harald Gaerttner, 2012-07-23

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