The India Times will never get it

by Volker Weber

Look at their URL: blackberry-enterprise-encryption-keys-corporate-emails. And their headline:

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion agrees to hand over its encryption keys to India

The India Times will never get it. There are three BlackBerry services:

1. BlackBerry Enterprise Service
2. BlackBerry Internet Service
3. BlackBerry Messenger Service

RIM cannot hand over encryption keys for #1. They don't have them. #2 is insecure by design. Messages arrive in your inbox unencrypted over public networks. Why bother?

It's all about #3. All messages are encrypted with the same key. It's well known. An enterprise admin can change the key, but nobody does. They just disable the service on their handsets.

It's all about consumers. You can monitor SMS messages at the service center. Not as easy for BB messenger, but possible. And that's what they do. Nothing else.

What happens next? Everybody will parrot the India Times story, because that's what they want to believe. RIM issues a statement. Lots of PowerPoint files will be written and presented at company meetings.


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