Sonos now working with Amazon Cloud Player

by Volker Weber

Sonos continues to improve the experience for existing customers. However:



Yes, there are a lot of goodies offered to customers of various companies in the US, which are not offered world-wide. Think Kindle Fire, for example. (Very occasionally it works the other way round. Spotify, for example).

Mostly it seems to be caused by the complexity of dealing with many, many interested parties on issues of copyright and pricing. Sad that so many organisations get in the way of the consumer.

John Keys, 2012-08-09

@John: that is the backside of globalisation. Spotify is a swedish company, it was much easier for them to deal with swedish/european copyrights as they have access and knowledge to the local markets here. Same with the U.S. companies: it is easier to test the home market first, then go abroad.
Even big players like Google and Amazon do not have the human resources to clear all the copyright issues worldwide simultaneously. Let's add an "DRM is bad for the industry" here to the usual vowe remark ...

Axel Koerv, 2012-08-10

Got it to work here in Australia using the old "change country trick", although I did register for Amazon Cloud Player very early beta when they didn't have region restriction. Maybe that made the difference. Anyhow, changed country back to AU and it still works fine.

Pic 1
Pic 2

Erik Ferrari, 2012-08-10

The year is 2012 AD, and all the world is globalized. All the world? No!... Some small industries still hold out against the globalizers.

I really believed globalization is unavoidable. But it seams to depend on who benefits from it. Consumers last?

Andreas Pfeifle, 2012-08-10

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